METROPOLE's Happiness Survey
We want to be your go-to English-language magazine in Vienna!
But to accomplish that, we need to know what you want and need from us.
Take me to your Survey!
This survey is short, sweet and to the point. Tell us how you feel, and we'll listen. METROPOLE is always looking for ways to improve your time with us. 

Section 1 | Product

What was the main factor for you when purchasing METROPOLE ? *

How often do you read METROPOLE online? *

How would you rate METROPOLE's overall quality? *

How would you rate its design? *

As a print subscriber, how satisfied are you with your print editions ?

If you are not a print subscriber, please skip this question.
What do you wish METROPOLE offered more of?

Please mark one. If you select "Other", please type your answer

Please mark all the following products, services and social media channels that you have NOT heard of. *

Would you recommend METROPOLE to your friends? *

If you said no, why? Please tell us below so we can try and change your mind.

If you answered yes, great! Just leave this blank and scroll down.
Section 2 | Customer Service

If applicable, how would you rate your customer service experience with METROPOLE?

How user-friendly did you find the website

Section 3 | Company and Competition

How well do you feel we understand your needs and interests? *

Which of the following personality traits would you say best describes METROPOLE? *

How would you compare the quality of our products to that of our competitors? *

Section 4 | About You

Are you male or female? *

How old are you? *

What is your current marital status? *

How many years of higher education do you have? *

What is your average yearly household income? *

What is your current employment status? *

How long have you lived in Austria? *

And how long do you plan to stay in Austria? *

Why did you choose to subscribe to METROPOLE?

We'd very much appreciate your comments and suggestions. If you haven't subscribed, let us know what your concerns are!
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